V2018.3.1 UiPath Community Edition release

UiPath v2018.3.1 Community Edition is now available!

Notable changes

  • New activity packs are now available on the Stable channel. Check them out!

  • All known issues from the previous release are now fixed.

  • The user guides are also updated but keep in mind to change the version from the drop-down list to display v2018.3.1. You are more than welcomed to provide any feedback to our documentation, via Suggest Edits.

Check out Release Notes to learn more about new features and improvements in our 2018.3.1 release.

Install & Update

If you already have the community edition installed, Studio and Robot will automatically update to 2018.3.1. If you are on the Stable channel, just restart it and you are good to go. If you are on the beta channel, chances are you already have it. Hats off, we thank you for being a beta tester! Orchestrator Community Edition has been updated already.

If you don’t have the community edition already, grab it from here while it’s hot.

As usual, your feedback is more than welcomed and appreciated. The entire product team is watching the 18_3 tag to see what you think about v2018.3.1.

The UiPath Product Team is humble to have such a great community. We are proud of how it shaped our product along the years, so please continue to post back your issues, thoughts, pain-points, questions, and any other feedback.


That’s great to know and eager to check the new activities added.

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Hey good to know that there is a new version of this comunity edition. However I’m not able to install it on my desktop (Windows).
I’ve just followed the link provided, complete the information required, got the email to download the install and install it ( I’ve activated it using the same email as I have on the academy and forum). After that I’m fw to a “thanks for activating” page and nothing else happend… the installation never complete and I’ve performed this several times with no lucky.
Does anyone have the same issue?
Does anyone can help me on this?

Thank you all

Hey @GabiBold

What Windows version do you have? Can you check if this folder was created after installing: %localappdata%/UiPath (type this in a File Explorer window). There if you double-click on UiPath.Studio it should work.

Let me know how this works on your side.

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Hey Ovi Many thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes it work perfect!
Thank you :slight_smile: