Using unattended robot without orchestrator

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I’m using community edition to study in the accademy of uipath.
I was trying to run a process in a virtual machine, starting it from a .bat file. I think that while I’m not logged into the vm machine the robot is not able to run, cause it remains stopped, while when i log into the vm it continues running and doing everything correctly. Is there any configuration I need to set to make the robot run even if i’m not logged into the machine, so that it can run in an unattended way?

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Hey @marica_licciardello ,

Check out this post about setting up unattended bots, Setting Up Your First Unattended Robot - #7 by Palaniyappan . Also in the robot settings ensure that the “Login to console” property is toggled and set to “No”


he doesn’t want to use orchestrator

@marica_licciardello as per this article it doesn’t seem to be possible