Cannot run Unattended Robot


As said in the title, I try to run my automation in unattended mode. I really think that I’ve set up and followed all of the necessary steps, but it seems that it won’t start after a new queue item is created.

I have installed the UiPath Studio in Advanced Mode in order to make sure that I can run Unattended automations, I have set up my machine in Orch, I have created and enabled the trigger, the process is deployed, etc.

Still, the process does not start. Have I missed something?
It’s worth mentioning that the process is deployed in ‘My workspace’ folder, alongside with the other setups.

Some informative screenshot (I can only post one…):

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

First thing:
To run any process from orchestrator their is no need of UiPath in machine where you want to run. In that machine Assistant or Robot should be present.

Second thing when you run it from orchestrator what is the error you are getting in logs. Can you show us error

Hello Raja!

I know there’s no need for UiPath to be installed, but I’m working on my personal laptop and this will be also the machine on which the unattended robot will be run.

On the second hand, it seems that when I try to run it from Orchestrator manually, I receive the following error:

I think that this could be due the the fact that the project is deployed on ‘My Workspace’ folder?
I don’t really get it…

I have managed to make it work. Thanks for the help anyway! This can be considered as done.

Only Robot is needed. Assistant and Studio are not needed.

You should explain how you got it to work, so it may help others in the future. Then mark your reply as the solution.