Can unattended robot run without login?

Hi, I read the forum and I still did not understand about it…

There are a few question that I wanted to ask.

  1. I wonder if I didn’t login to the orchestrator, can the robot run in background at the schedule time?
    (I tried using trigger and log out of the orchestrator, and then I found that the job is pending as the hostname there is empty since I log out from the orchestrator.)
    May I know what is the problems and solution.

  2. Can I run the process if I didn’t login to the pc?

  3. Also, I also saw that can use the method VM or the remote desktop. Can someone explain that?

Thank you.

Hi @poppadom

by the way process run/job run is independent from orchestrator login

It doesnt matter whether you have logged in to orchestrator or not.
If the triggers are enabled and we have a machine tagged to unattended/non production robot , the process runs without any trouble



It’s not required to login to Orchestrator at the time Bot running. If you are using Unattended Robot and it is scheduled then it will be auto triggered at the schedule time.

  1. If you assigned Unattended Robot to that pc then Bot only login to that machine and execute the process and then will logout from that machine.


For the first question, I just notice that the cause of the problem (empty hostname) is unlicensed.

I use the free uipath orchestrator, just notice that it expired today :sweat_smile:

Thank you.

Hi @poppadom
if your query is solved can you close this topic

Happy automation

Thank you for the help. :blush:

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