UiPath Community - Schedule unattended robot without using credentials

We have a Process in place which is working fine when I schedule it using “Run only when user is logged on”. But we need to run it as a recurring event. We are aware that using orchestrator is a suggested way but to do so we need to save the credentials which is not an option due to the policies.

  1. Can we use task scheduler to schedule the process to “Run only when user is logged on”. We are ok going to enterprise edition.

  2. Can we schedule using orchestrator but without having to save the credentials. We need this for unattended Robot.

Thanks in advance


Welcome to UiPath community:)

As per my understanding, unattended robot requires user credentials to be able start process on the machine.

You can create some sort of workaround. For example, use parallel activity to run message box for the user in one branch and timer in another. If user pressed OK, then the robot can perform his work else close the message box and log out.

Another way is to use Callout activity, it have a timeout feature and will be closed if button not clicked.

Hi @artshoque
We are looking for a complete unattended way without any human interaction. And also we hosted this on a vm which will be kept logged out. We would like to have some mechanism like task scheduler which would run even when the user is not logged in.


Unattended robot will login to the VM and perform process, no need to be logged in by real user.

Not sure if it is because we are using the community edition the robot service is only active as long as I am logged in. Once I logout I get an alert on the orchestrator that the Robot has been disconnected. Is there a way we can install the robot as service in community edition?