Using SQL Data to fill out web form without utilizing excel

I am looking for a workflow chart that will allow me to take data from a SQL server, and type it into a web form without writing the SQL data table to an excel or csv file. So far I am able to get the SQL datatable into a variable in UI Path Studio, but I cannot find column headers from the data table to utilize in the type into action.

Thank you in advance for helping me out!

Put an activity like a Log Message after the activity you used to read the SQL data. Right-click the Log Message and then Toggle Breakpoint. Now run in Debug mode, and the automation will pause on the Breakpoint, so you can look in the debug panel on the left and see all your variables. Expand your datatable variable and you can see the columns, rows, and tons of other info about it.


String.Join(",",Dt.Columns.Select(function(x) x.ColumnName).ToArray)

Use this in log message and it will print all the column names in the logs

Else run the bot in debug and add a breakpoint after reading data into datatable and then go to locals panel on the left and open the variable using magnifier icon…there in the first line you can see the column names

Hope this helps


I cannot find any activity named Log Message. Is there a certain package I need to install?

It’s a standard activity you should be using all the time. All your projects should at least have the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and UiPath.System.Activities dependencies installed. They’re default when you make a new project.

But it doesn’t matter which activity you use. The point is to put a breakpoint on an activity after you query the SQL database into your datatable variable.

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