How to send data uipath to microsoft sql server management studio

I want to send send workflow name to the database
how i get workflow name i am using this activity

and store in variable like you can see in picture

so new i want to store this data in database can someone help me to create a logic

like you can see in picture workflow name is main
now i want to store this workflow name in database in process column can someone help me to create this logic


You need to use first have the drivers installed to work with database activities and download the UiPath.database.activities as well…

Once this is done use connect activity to connect to the db

And then use execute non query to run the insert statement which would contain the data from the job info variable

The insert statement syntax is same as any sql insert statement


I got this error


Main.xaml (11.2 KB)



it is expecting 4 values …you are only giving one…that si the reason it is failing

you have to give id,process,datetime,comment all 4


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