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Hello all,

I have a process I am building and I’m having a problem with it. In the first activity, an open browser activity, I am launching a website and entering my user ID and password. In the second one I have a for each loop where I read a data table and then I use a pair of type into activities to enter a variable and then click on the search button, as below.

Once it gets to this point the whole process stops and I am taken back to the Studio screen. There are no errors or error messages or validation issues.

My question is this: I am logging into the website in the first activity and then pasting the variable into it after I’ve read the data table. Then I go back to the website using the two Type Into activities. Is this confusing UIPath? I have to do it this way because I don’t want to log into the website 50 or more times, one for each pass of the data table.

I realize this is probably vague so please ask your questions. I can attach the workflow but you wont be able to run it because the website is internal and won’t be found by UIPath

Thank you in advance


Could you run the workflow into debug mode and then check it what is exact error.


I think you are looping it wrong probably :slight_smile:

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Hi @mworth123,
Please make sure there’s no infinite loops.

Please check the output pane if there are any errors with the selectors. And one more thing, if you think the screen is changing while scraping data and while entering it, you need to use attach window, Please check that as well

@laksham - Thank you, I’ve run debug and its not finding any errors. Can you take a look at the main? I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve changed the user id and password data on the first activity - I just made up a user id and password
Main.xaml (37.1 KB)

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@HareeshMR - Thank you, the process appears to launch the website, enter the user id and password (I’ve changed the user id for safety) and then it just stops. It seems to ignore the entire second activity. Can you take a look at it? I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Thank you
Main.xaml (37.1 KB)

@HareeshMR - I just noticed your mention of attach window. I am currently using a Type Into activity to enter the variable in the field and another Type Into to click on the search button. Is Attach Window better?

Can anyone look at my Main and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I mean, You are swapping between the browser and some other application right? @shankm

Once the other application activities are completed, then you need to use attach window to let the workflow know that you again swapped to browser, That is what I mean :slight_smile:

@HareeshMR - Thank you, that makes sense. I’ll try using Attach Window today

Thank you, I will mark this as solved as I figured out what the issue was with it stopping. I hadn’t linked the variable to the data table. Thank you for your help

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