From a datatable, create a variable

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How do i use a datatable to create a variable, as i need to send one by one email by inputting a row from a column after every loop when transaction is success.

HI @mark_rajkumar1

To use a datatable to create a variable in UiPath, you can use the Build Data Table activity. his activity creates a DataTable according to a specified schema. You can customize the table to be created by clicking the DataTable button in the activity body.

Check out the docs

You can use the Send Outlook Mail Message activity. You can use Output DataTable Activity to convert DataTable into String and then pass that String into Mail body

Check out the docs


@Gokul001 how do i use the output datatable in mail activities, can elaborate?

Hi @mark_rajkumar1 ,

Try this.

Hope it helps.

This activity is to convert the Data Table into string format so that you can use the Values in the email Body as a string.

@Gokul001 i use Output datatable activity, with that i can input the datatable and column name for script to send email?

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