Using REST API to Trigger Attendant BOT (Without Using Orchestrator)

Dear Experts,

It’s Possible to Run the Attendant Bot using any Java or Javascript Rest Service??


As you mentioned without Orchestrator,

These two are the possibilities to run the bot with any code

  1. Create a batch file to run the command which will use agent to run the bot
  2. Create a exe file for the bot and use it in the code to run

Hello, is there any way in which I can trigger REST API to run RPA workflow from the Robot Tray, NOT using Orchestrator.

There is no REST API available until you publish the workflow to the server (Orchestrator). If you want to use the batch file to run the code, here is the best way to do

Okay, thanks for your reply.

Planning to use Powershell

Yeah, please post the steps how you did that so that people will look into that if they want to use the same @Neha_Dhawan


Since the requirement of the project was strict, I had to create a REST API call to the Robot without Orchestrator.
Hence, I did this in an indirect way.

Using Flask framework, I wrote a Python code which upon receiving the Trigger from the REST API invokes the bat file that in turn calls the RPA workflow [xaml file] through command line arguments.

This approach worked well for me.

That was a great thing to know. Could you please provide more details about this approach so that I will understand how to do that. As I did that using python, I don’t understand why we need Flask here? Flask is just a URL redirect module which will call particular function or method when the url is redirected to someother. Do we really need that here?

Thanks Hareesh for acknowledging.

No. Flask is not mandatory for this approach, as you rightly mentioned, it is just a URL redirect module.

My requirement was such where I needed a platform to receive the REST call and only then trigger the RPA workflow, hence I used Flask.

Otherwise, please feel free to directly call the batch file containing the invocation of RPA workflow from a simple python code without using Flask.

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Yeah got it. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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Hi Neha! Did this solution work using attended liciense? Or it was mandatory to use unnatended liciense?

Thanks in advace :slight_smile: