Trigger bot using Orchestrator API via Postman

I’m trying to trigger unattended process via postman api. UiPath Assistant is installed on virtual machine. When I hit send in postman I’m getting this error → Robots without credentials cannot run processes that require an interactive session.

Can anyone have idea, what’s wrong with this?
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First check that you can start the same process with same settings from Orchetrator manually.



I guess you did not provide credentials in orchestrator


Which one? Windows or any other

Hello @pravin_bindage

Are you able to execute task from orchestrator with that robot?


No it stuck at pending stage. I think i’m not assigned unattended license

Hi pravin,
Robot credentials means we have to pass the robot value.

it is two Types

  1. Robot value- You can use same value with one or more bots.
  2. Value per bot - you have to set each value per each bot .



Windows credentials in which you have connected robot


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I have prepared a document on this if anyone needs go through it you get clear idea
Orchestrator API Call Guide.docx (1019.1 KB)

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Hi Pravin,
Here we set up the Redirect URL using Postman, I need to use this in actual UiPath project, how do I set up the redirect URL.
I can not use simple ‘Application Scope’ as I need to query ‘Alerts’, I need to set up User Scope and use it in UiPath Project.

Sorry @Kanad_Mehta I’m also looking for same. I don’t have any idea about it.

@pravin_bindage @Kanad_Mehta

If using in UiPath you can directly use orchestrtrator http request activity…


Hi Anil,
I need to query another Orchestrator from the one bot is running on.


Thats a weird request.May I know what is the use case?


Building a Support dashboard that shows Faults, Exceptions and Alerts across customers.

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