How to trigger a robot without API

Problem to solve:
a software (with no API available), based on some events, ask UiPath robot to run a process and return a result.

How can I trigger the robot in this conditions (no API) and send back results (ex: connect & write directly in database)?


If you have UiPath orchestrator then you can schedule from there About Triggers

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Ok, but what the platform’s developers need to send to my robot/orchestrator since there is not API ?

Well if we want to schedule a robot from orchestrator first it won’t require a api
When orchestrator meets the set time as scheduled it will trigger the connected robot as a agent in your server which means you can just connect the robot to orchestrator so that it will get triggered on set timings

To connect a robot and orchestrator
Connecting Robots to Orchestrator

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You have attended / Unattended bots?

Attended bots you can run from the Assistant itself

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We can make use of execute command to do so?

Thank you.

As I’ve explained in my first post: the robot must run “based on some events” generated by that software, so we’re not talking about scheduling here.


Thanks for clarifying

If there is a api then we can use webhook to trigger bots
But as there is no api available then the bot schedule has to be designed in a way to run for every 5 or 15 minutes of time and monitor the event change with set of validation activities like element exists or on element appear and if true it will perform the process else it will terminate and wait for next schedule to check the change

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It may be a solution, thanks.
But it’s not for my case where instant reaction to the event is critical. It seems that for my case is no solution out there without API.

Thank you all for feedback!


Api will be very helpful here because it can instantly trigger a bot with orchestrator api

And if there is any scope for that then refer this doc for api calls

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