Initiate process via SOAP or REST

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I have a requirement where I want to initiate or start the process execution via SOAP or REST.
Is it possible.


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You are not giving us enough information to be able to help. it kind of sounds like you want to use a webhook to trigger your automation bot, but i am really assuming here.

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Thanks for prompt reply.
I am basically looking to invoke the UIPath process from external application using SOAP/REST invocation. If this is possible can you please point me to some blog or documentation.



Please find the below documentation which provides brief description about built & connect with Orchestrator APIs. Hope this helps

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Hi @yatanveersingh,

If you are using Orchestrator you can use their API . using following link to get some idea

Hello Yatanveer,
In this video, you can see how to Trigger UiPath Robot from more than 10 software:

Cristian Negulescu