Using "Find Children" and "Text" attribute to determine when bottom row of grid has been reached

Using Studio 2020.10.2 - I am automating an application (Dynamics SL 2018) with grids that do not expose any usable elements other than scroll bars. So I can only read through the grid one row at a time by sending a Down-Arrow hot key. Problem is that I cannot determine when I have reached the last data row in the grid.

I tried using the “Find Children” activity and then checking the “Text” Attribute to see if I could determine when I had reached the last data row in the grid. But this does not work either because the scroll bars do not consistently move when I use the Down-Arrow method.

Has anyone solved this problem ?



Can you share a screenshot of the end of the row

Hope this helps to understand the issue


Thanks Srinivas! I’m attaching two screenshots that demonstrate the problem. The first shows the top item in the grid selected, the scroll button is at the top of the scroll bar, and the “Text” attribute = “0” (i.e. scroll bar is 0% of the way to the bottom).

After using Down-Arrow to move to the last item in the grid (cannot go any lower even though there appear to be formatted rows), the scroll button is still at the top of the scroll bar, and the “Text” attribute still reads “0”.

If I send Down-Arrow key again, there is no error raised, the last data row remains highlighted and the scroll bar does not move. So how can the process determine that I am at the last row of the grid?

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