Unable to get full text from grid which has a scroll bar


i need to get the text from below grid while using get visible text i am able to get only visible text and but for full text its not giving me full text can any one suggest how to get the full text

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Chandu Charagonda.

Hello @charagonda_chandu,

Better to use the find children activity it will give you all the children inside that box.


@Sanjit_Pal thanks for response,
I tried with find children activity and it
also not working

Hello @charagonda_chandu,

Can you please let me know which application is this.


@Sanjit_Pal , it’s a desktop application…

@charagonda_chandu , capture the selector for two elements and check the difference between them and check what is getting changed, if possible share the selector with me.

@Sanjit_Pal , in this case even unable to indicate the element’s in the grid, as per my requirement bot need to click each element. I tried with get visible text when limited data is inside grid and used click text activity it’s working fine but when there is more data need to scroll down…

so for that case what you can do is, check if the scroll exists or not, if exists do scroll and scrap the data and try to click

@Sanjit_Pal how to check scroll is exist or not and this case we may get duplicate data

how to check scroll is exist:- **use element exists activity and capture the selector for that scroll, this way you will get to know if the scroll exists.

this case we may get duplicate data:- you can convert that extract data into a list or an array and remove the duplicate.

Unable to indicate the scroll bar for element exists and already there is duplicate data inside grid

Hi @charagonda_chandu ,

As an experiment, could you try toggling the UiExplorer Option over to Active Accessibility and check if its able to detect the element of interest?


Also, we’d appreciate it if you could mention the name of the Desktop Application you are trying to automate.

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Ashwin A.K