Find Children problems with a Dephi Grid

Hello everyone, I would like to read out a list in a Delphi user interface and click on the corresponding line for a certain value. I have tried this with Find Children, but it does not work. When I use the Click activity for testing, it shows me that this only works with Click Image. How can I make the RPA read out the lines and click on the right line when it finds a match?


Hi @NHoe

Have you tried Data Scraping to read the table as DataTable.
If you can do that then your problem is solved.
After reading the Table as DataTable, you need to add For each row activity for this table.
In this for each activity you can put your activities, like click text etc.
The Selector for click activity should be dynamic and get the value from the datatable.

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it can be the case that on such application (we saw Delphi, other win desktop applications) not all elements can be fully adressed by selectors.
Here we check the UiExplorer to see if the elements are exposed.

If its not exposing row/col elements then we can do trying text scraping and

  • parsing it to csv / datatable
  • regex / other for text part identification
  • click text activity for interaction

Thank you for the two solutions, but I get an error message for Data Scraping and no content for the Get Text activity.

text / screen scraping was mentioned in my approach:

as data scraping can not access the rows / cols

Okay, that works and how can I then tell the bot when it has found the content I am looking for to click directly on the text?

let us ensure before:

  • while analyzing the table / availability of getting returned selector you also checked for diffferent automation framewok seperately (F4 while indicating the element), rigth?

check click text activity as mentioned above

I have checked everything again, now everything works as desired, thank you very much!

Perfect. Just do the final Testing and Close the topic by Marking the solving Post as solution. So Others can benefit from IT. Thanks

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