UiPath - Extract data from a grid that has a scroll


Can you please help me to extract data in a Desktop application from a Grid that has a scroll? Screen scraping works only for visible rows and I want to extract the entire table.

Thanks in Advance.

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Did data scrapping work for it
Cheers @SudhaRajesh

Thanks for the reply Palaniyappan!

Data scraping didn’t work. Since it is a desktop application, not able to indicate particular element inside the grid.

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no worries
in that case we can use FIND CHILDREN ACTIVITY
here you go a document from uipath on that

Cheers @SudhaRajesh

Thanks for your response Palaniyappan!

Find Children activity returns IEnumerable Valriable.

variable.count().tostring, === it returns 0
get attribute and log message inside for each returns UiPath.Core.UiElement.

Can you please guide me how to get the values?


In Java based applications data scraping was not possible for us. So we worked fully on find children approach and got it working.

In case of your problem post some screenshots with more details to element and children. In case yoo want to fetch not direct children verify this setting, looking for grand children etc.:
is find children setting

In general:

  • using hot keys or doing type into direct to cell elements like down, page down let you often move the table, when to scroll
  • scrollers can have a text attribute that can be used to detect if scroller is on end (old value, scroll value, new value is the same does mean there was no scrolling anymore)
  • some times the trick of try catch error helps you as well (refer to SAP Automation training course from Academy)
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