Using filter function in pivot table studiox

I am trying to do a pivot using a pivot table using excel file in studiox. It is done but however I am unable to filter the pivot to a selected value. For example the month of a date. Please assist me. Thanks!

Hi @Mark_Rajkumar

Have you tried with filter pivot table activity?

To get the month of the date you can try this expressions



Hi @Sudharsan_Ka i do not have the filter pivot table activity function

You are using StudioX right? @Mark_Rajkumar

Yes i m using studiox

You should have Filter datatable @Mark_Rajkumar , What Studio version and Excel package version are you using?

In the Studio X also we have the Filter Pivot option

Can you tell us the Version of StudioX ?


@Sudharsan_Ka I am using 2021.10.8

Is it possible to Update the StudioX version to latest version? @Mark_Rajkumar

If i am unable to get, is there any other alternative possible methods?

@Mark_Rajkumar Your version douesn’t have the filter pivot i think

Then you need to try with excel macros or VBA

Please check do you have Invoke VBA activity or execute macro activity

Also You can try like the below video mentioned


Hi, I made an example of how to use the “Filter Pivot Table” activity. You have to make sure that the filter exists in the pivot table, for example “Nombre2” as shown in the image.

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