'Filter' in Pivot table in StudioX


How to use ‘‘Filter’’ option in Pivot table in UIPath StudioX? When I add a Pivot field, I am able to select the attribute as a ‘Filter’, but where to provide the values to filter on? Appreciate any help on this.

@ayyagari.sudhakar…i have a pivot setup in my WF and its working fine. So if could you could post some screenshot or your sample xaml and point out what exactly is happening that would be great.

Here is my pivot sample…


@prasath17 Thank you for your response. In the above case, my question is on how to pass values to filter on, for ‘Project Description’.

For example, if Project Description has values ‘Client’ and ‘Internal’ and I want to filter on ‘Client’. how can I do that?

@ayyagari.sudhakar - Please check this post…I had provided some thoughts about this in the below post…

Hope this helps

Thanks @prasath17. I was hoping for an option to enter a ‘value’ along with selecting the attribute as a filter. Hope they will add it in the future releases.

@ayyagari.sudhakar - but that’s completely dynamic right ? How does the bot know what value to filter ? Say if there is 5 values available.

So once the pivot is created , it is up to the user select the filter based on their need or if its always a fixed one then you can get the list unique value from the column and then you can pass to filter.

@prasath17 My point is that there should be an option available, to pass the ‘value(s)’ which I want to filter on , when I setup the attribute as a filter. This would avoid the need for setting up above steps.


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