Recreating a Pivot Table on Studio

Hi, I have this pivot table that gives the sum of some amounts according to the “Report(org)” Sheet, and I am confused on how I would recreate this table on Studio. Please ignore the “lookup” sheet.

the template 2020.11.12 - Copy.xlsx (156.4 KB)

@Pranav_KomandurPK - have you tried “PivotTableFilter.Activities” ?

Hi GBK thank you for your response. So if you look at my pivot table, there are some specifications like what values I am finding the sum to and according to what date that I am confused on how to do. I don’t think the pivot table filter can help with that. Do you any other ways I can recreate that pivot table?

This is another example of a similar pivot table for this excel worksheet if you need a reference.

test.xaml (26.0 KB)

COPY 2021 YTD Weekly Billing Expense Allocation.xlsx (63.7 KB)