Question about Choosing Filter in Excel Pivot Table

I’ve searched plenty of posts in UiPath Forum but quite not able to find the answer I want yet.

May anyone help on below:
Is it possible to use StudioX (better no VBA involved) to select a item under pivot table top filter.

  • For example, I wish to select 2020-11-14 in cell B5, how can I do so?
    (I’ve tried use the “write cell” function, but seems the date format are not able to be matached)

Thanks a lot!

@vincentkin912 - If that cell value (B5) falls with in your source Range, then you can point out that value by Showing the plus and Indicate in excel.

I have tried to add Filter to my existing Workflow and it worked.





Thank you for replying but what if I would like to proceed next step:

Only filter out specific category, for example “Warehouse Project”, in D column of your photo attached.
(Currently your default filter option in D column is “(All)” )

Thanks a lot

@vincentkin912 - Here you go…I found the work out…

  1. Use Appllication --> Click (“All” text on the report Filter) --> Type into Search (your value) Use Enter at the end…

Output: Look at the report filter has the value instead of All…

Please mark this as Solution, if its solves your query.

@vincentkin912 - I have improvised the above solution (Above one has the hardcoded value)…

This time i used the read cell activity to read that cell and stored that value(As Project Value) for later use. Later, used this value to type into the Search…that’s it…work beautifully…

Oh Thanks, I kept using “Excel” but nearly forget about this simplest way “Application” to do so.

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