Using Application Event Trigger

Hello everyone!

Recently, I’ve been trying out the application event trigger, and it has worked in chrome, IE, notepad, and pretty much all applications except 1, java based. I can’t disclose which application, but whenever I use the activity “Type into” with a certain selector inside it, it writes, but whenever I use the activity “Application Event Trigger” with the event being “Text Changed”, it doesn’t detect.
Might the reason for this be something I’m doing wrong? Or don’t all applications work with this trigger? Is it because it’s a java based application?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Java should be supported, according to Activities - Application Event Trigger - Can you check if UiExplorer sees the text on the UI element?


Did you install the java extension?


Thank you for the answer! Yes, the java extension is installed.

Thank you for your answer!

It does see the text with UiExplorar, it just doesn’t seem to catch changes!