Java App - Click Trigger Not Working

When using the Click Trigger (or the Click Image Trigger) activity inside a Trigger Scope, the event / activity does not detect the end user’s interactive mouse click (TriggerMode.TriggerUp) event on a Java App modal window Save button. Instead, the click trigger activity waits, even though the mouse button was clicked.

  1. Is the Click Trigger activity, with a Java AWT modal window, a known bug?
  2. Are there any suggested workarounds?

Additional Info:
Windows 11
I have tried all scheduling modes.
I can accurately target the button’s selector.
I posted the results of several alternative methods in an earlier post. None worked.

Hi @grosner , can you provide a screenshot with the property explorer part (from UiExplorer) of that Dialog?

Also, have you tried one of the newest UiAutomation Activities package?

Using latest UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities: Version 22.4.5
Using activity: UiPath.CoreActivities.ClickTriggerV2

Property Explorer for Dialog:

Additional Information:
I can Validate and Highlight the Save button from the workflow’s selector and from the UiExplorer’s selector.
However, as mentioned above, clicking the mouse button (TriggerMode.TriggerDown or TiggerMode.TriggerUp) is not detected by the workflow.

I found that, in this case, using the Classic Click instead of the modern click, enabled me to better target and click this selector.

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