Type into activity,auto check the strings just into the selector

The sense is when the selector is not support simulate attribute, and when the type into activity was running,but was interrupted by other human action, it will lost some chars,is it to add some function to auto check the strings? or Uipath had the some solution to solution to avoid that.
set text activity may be can do tha,but I must be clear the selector first!

Hi @donghai

Check the selector in uiexplorer and then use it based on set text or type into activity


@donghai, Once bot enters data into a data field, you can put an another level of validation where you can whether text field's value==variable or not.



The best option for this would be to use the Block user input activity. This activity will block keyboard or mouse inputs from the human when a particular activity is running.

Refer to this link as well…


Thank you very much,It’s very cool,I haven’t got it before。
But I still have a little question about this activity, Is it always useful to include xaml files in pratice? like a login process sequence in this activity?

I mean If I want to Block user’s action in the whole process running? Is it suggest to include Main.xaml in this activity?

If you want to block user input for the entire program, then add the main activities inside it in main.xaml file. It would be alright…

However, if you want to stop input only at certain points, then I suggest adding only when needed…

Thank you very very very much! :slight_smile:
I got it.

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