Event monitoring trigger on text change

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I need to make a trigger that works immediately after text is changed.
I tried to use different types of event element activities but could not make it working. In my application text is changing without “disappear” or “vanish”.
Best would be to use monitor event. But other methods would be good also.

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Hi @river1

It seems like that do not have event activities about text change.
How about this.


Hi wusiyangjia,

Thank you much, it works great.
It sends correct messages: One when “Txt.Equals” and another when change happened
One more question: How make that system will send one time a single trigger for each condition?
My system in each condition sends trigger continuously.

Hi @river1

I suppose you have a IF activity within the loop to check whether the value is different than previous? And within the if activity you have the trigger to be sent. In that case, having a break activity right after the trigger will break the loop and come out of it stopping the continuous iteration

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

My guess, it should be an additional loop with iteration = 1.
It would be great if you can drop an example. It would be great help. I am a random user of UIpath, I am using it randomly as part of other applications.


Hi @wusiyangjia

I marked your solution as problem solved.
You suggested a nice working method.
Please let me know if you will see solution for my other question.


Hi @river1

Sorry I can’t answer your other question soon.
Maybe you can open a new topic with it.

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