Get started with StudioX - Build a Bot Following the RobotPath Steps

It’s not natural to think of tasks so granular, but it’s important to understand how robots process them. An important tool here is a pen and a paper.

Do you find it helps? What other situations require defining steps at such a small level? And, if possible, would you automate them?

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I fount it impossible to use the function select item when entering a new supplier. The “indicate on screen” did not recognize the list.

I had the same problem.

I started the RPA by Use Excel File (1) and then Use Application/Browser (1.1). This setup allowed for later linkage to the Supplier Excel file.

How can we automate the entries for entire list of suppliers in the excel file? Right now I think we can automate for only one supplier

I used the “Excel For Each Row” activity (search for “fill form from Excel”) to effectively “loop” the relevant activities until there are no more values to enter.

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How do you use the Excel for each Row?

There is a task called Excel for Each Row. The taks is only little bit confused to set up but it works.

But I did only a test with one column. I don’t know yet how it works with 2 columns. Interesting to sort out.

Great exercise!

Did anyone get the solution to select the items from the Industry drop down list.

Clearly select items does not work as it seems the drop down list is not an HTML functionality but a custom one ( as mentioned in one of the forums) . Then i tried to use ‘click’ but could not get the desired result .

Please share. Thanks much.

Tried to go further and select the Industry also :slight_smile: maybe I will find out later what activity to use in order to search the industry from the excel in the drop down from the website and select the respective value. Nice exercise!

Also used Click - first to click the drop down menu, and then to click the desired Industry - however, don’t know how to match the industry from the excel with the correspondent from drop down - I guess we are not there yet :wink:

@Catalin_Marginean yes I guess so … maybe it’s covered in decisions, iterations , as you mentioned in the later topics.

However if you really want to give a try before that, one such solution would be -

  1. Use click activity on the drop-down icon
  2. Use if condition to check the value from Excel -column industry.
    3.Nest a click activity within the if statement where you indicate and select the industry.
  3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the list values.

It worked for me , however I am not sure if this is the best practice in designing … Think of situation where you have to select countries or states or graduation degree… The list may contain n number of options.



Hi, When I Use resource “Use Excel File” and nest the activities, it shows me can error “Warning: The Click before typing property is relevant only for the Hardware Events Input mode. For all other methods it is not taken into consideration.”

However, it successfully runs the process.

So, not sure what this means and how to resolve it.

@Nishant_Kelshikar “Warning: The Click before typing property is relevant only for the Hardware Events Input mode. For all other methods it is not taken into consideration.”

For the above warning, Select None in the Click Before typing drop down. It will resolve your issue.

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@chandana_kumar. Thank you for the help. It worked well.

Robot Path Steps are key to building the automation. Very granular and detailed, but that is what is required to implement the automation successfully.

I found that using “Type Into” instead of “Select Item” works great in most cases. Apparently it works for dropdown list as well.


According to the Studio forums, this could be accomplished with a dynamic click function. However, this is currently not available in StudioX.