Use GUI on locked screen

We have created an unattended robot, which we run from Orchestrator. The robot starts a SAPgui, add username/password and does some transacations.
When we try to run it from the Orchestrator it works as long as the “robot-pc” isn’t locked, but as soon as we lock the screen, the robot stops after the Sapgui is started.
We tried to change the properties “SimpulateType” “SendWindowMessage” etc, but without luck.
How can we make this work (if possible)


@jonas.hultstrom - which version of Uipath are you using? Is it Community/Enterprise edition?

We use Studio Pro 2020.4.1-beta.22 Community License.
The activities are “Click Text” and “TypeInto” twice.

if your using unattended robot - pls logoff the VM → from orchestrator start the job… unattended robot will perform the operations without having any issues.

Pls refer below robot execution based on types.

Maybe I don’t have the full picture, but we have a laptop with the studio installed. I want to run the robot on that PC.
If I lock the screen, and start from the Orchestrator, it only starts the SAPGui, but the “clicks and types” are not performed. If I logout from the PC, and then start from the Orchestrator, it just waits until I logon manually to the PC. Then the robot start. The robot is of type Unattended.