Cannot create unknown type - " ExcelApplicationScope" - Solution

Issue Description:
Cannot create unknown type


This error generally comes when the related activity packages are not installed in the system

Could you please provide us the below details

  • Is UiPath Excel.Activities Packages installed in the system? Kindly check the same in “Manage Packages”
    If it not installed, install the same restart UiPath Studio and then check

  • If already exist , It seems DLL files related to the excel activities are corrupted.
    please try uninstalling and installing the excel activities again.

Refer the below article for more details

If still reinstalling the same version package doesn’t help than Use the Manage Package Option -
Try downgrading or upgrading the activity package to a version which is compatible with the installed Studio version.

This should solve the issue.

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I Have the same problem. I have uninstalled it and installed it again but nothing . i still got the same error message.

In manage package, goto Excel package, install the previous version and have a try.

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In case if you are using studio version 2018.2.3 or above follow the below

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