Use automation through MSTSC

Hi there, i have a automation that uses user interface, i have a VM and put my bot there with the assistant. My doubt is, how can i keep my automation working when i close de mstsc, currently when i close mstsc the automation fails. Since now, thanks!

To clarify, my intention is with the VM and the Orchestrator, use the trigger and use the bot even when im not with the mstsc open.


you need an unattended license for that, you can just create a unattended process and then deploy it in your machine using that kind of license, so it will work

Also check within your automation that the activities you are using are correctly, if you are using click, type into, etc make sure that simulate propertie is enable, or working in modern make sure that every app/browser is working with simulate input


Hi, thanks for your reply!

Yea i’m already using with unattended license and as you said, i’m using click, type into, etc. I’ll check the simulate propertie if it’s all good, because when i’m seeing the bot running, everything works fine, the browser everything works okay, just when i close the mstsc the bot stops, like if i turned down the vm. In log the error report is that the bot didnt find the element in the UI, something like that.

You need to start the job without gettin the vm open, it should be closed

Hi, @Gabriel_Gotardo

Use assistance to run your automation in VM will be run it in current vm session. Since you disconnect, screen interaction breaks.

You can do this configure in your orchestrator a robot account and a machine, in your vm set up your orchestrator machine. Then you can run process directly in trigger orchestrator option