Need an Unattended Bot to run on a VM with out connecting to VM

Hello All,

We have a VM where all the code has been deployed and we have connected to the Orchestrator from that VM and Published the code to cloud.

Client needs the code to execute it from the Orchestrator without connecting to RDP.

But bot is running from the Orchestrator only if we connect to RDP.

May be because we are using Data Scraping to fetch the data from SAP Application, its reacting like that.

Need suggestions on it please.

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hi @srikiran.b
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Check your Robot License type, It should be Unattended and, You do not need to connect to run the code. this is probably the reason of your robot not setup as unattended correctly

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Hello @Maneesha_de_silva Already its been setup as an unattended already in the Orchestrator.

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@Maneesha_de_silva Will Data Scraping work for the unattended bot?

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yes of cause why not

So then your Orchestrator Can ran a job without connecting

Okay, do we need to add as a service mode bot with MSI Installer?

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yes , If is a Unattended robot , you have to install as a service mode

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Could you please send me the set up process

Hi @srikiran.b

Checkout this