Usage of append range activity in uipath

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I wanted to know the usage of Append Range in Excel activity. I used it many programs, but it was not working. I started using Write Line and later Write Cell. Even Write Line activity has some problem while writing to an Excel application.
As Append Range opens an Excel application and writes at the end of the Excel sheet and saves the file, I used it many applications, but I was not able to overcome the problem. Can anyone help me in this regard.
Second, is there any possibility of using UiPath for linking a payment gateway to a website for payment activity controlling and alerting one of the user by sending an alert to his mobile number.
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To start in a simple way

  1. Append range is used if you want to write any range of data to a existing excel file say for example you have 10 rows in excel and you have 5 new rows as a DATATABLE in your process
    If you want to add those that is append those new 5 rows to the excel then use append range
    So that it won’t overwrite but it will write the data from the last row of already existing data in excel

  2. Write range is used if you want to write freshly to a excel or if you want to overwrite on top of a excel which has data in it already
    Write range will not write the from last row of existing data
    It will start from first cell by default

  3. And finally for this

We can do this with certain uipath activity and especially on message part we can use Twilio based activities
Go to design tab-> manage packages → All package-> search for UiPath.Twilio and install it

Cheers @RamgopalHS

Dear Sir / M’am,

I wrote 3 or 4 programs using append range with Datatable, but none of them worked and hence I had to use Write cell activity. Even in two of my programs I had used Write Line, but even this had problems, hence I started using Write Cell.

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If you share an example of your previous attempt we can help maybe.

One thing to consider is that append range appends to the first free row in your sheet.
If your sheet isn’t a steady table starting at cell A1 you might run in to problems where the first free row is not recognised as you would interpret it.

My suggestion would be to make a simple prototype, with a blank excel workbook, where you first do a write range (starting at A1), followed by an append range on the same sheet. That’ll serve as a decent proof of concept for append functionality.