Append range help

Hi Experts,

I have use case where I want to write data scrapped from a website to excel.
Scrapping happens for every transaction and corresponding data I need to add to excel.

My current approach is to

  1. get data
  2. create a data table
  3. add data to table by using add Data row.
  4. use append range to write it to excel

Problem is as it happens in every transaction new data table with only the new raw is getting created each time and when append is used last data is getting overwritten with the new data table values.
Is there any alternative approach to use append range without overwriting the existing exceldata.

Hi @Kayobot,
Could you show your automation? Append range by default should not overwrite existing lines and it should iterate data.

As per documentation:

Adds the information stored in a DataTable variable to the end of a specified Excel spreadsheet. If the sheet does not exist, a new one is created with the name indicated in the SheetName field.

Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes it was working fine for me , got the solution from the forum.
ThanksBuildAppendFile.xaml (12.5 KB)

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