Excel Activity Append Range ERROR

Please find excel file and workflow attached.


UpdateOrderAndEvaluationFile.xaml (9.0 KB)

I am trying to build a data table, add one row of data to it, then write the data table to an excel file using append range.

Append range is overwriting any existing data in the file when it should write data to the next available blank row. Why is it doing this? I am using the latest version of Uipath Community Edition.

Please could someone take a look at my workflow?


Hi @polygon,

I have checked the workflow attached, it is working fine in my machine.
I haven’t changed anything other than the Path of the excel file.
So check whether that excel file location having enough permission to write the file by the robot.

Thanks sarathi, permissions are fine for that file path.

I have managed to get it working by adding ‘.xlsx’ to the end of the filepath in excel application scope.

Hi @polygon @sarathi125

In Excel Application Scope Activity while i am Using throws an error

But in my Local system i have installed the Excel Application see below :slight_smile:


check here,

Try using the full file path in excel application scope

i have tried this also no use !!!

I gave the Full Path in My Excel Application Scope Activity then also the same Error ?
Please find the error screenshot here…

If you create a new sequence - does Excel application scope alone open the required file?

Are all the excel activity packages installed?

I have a tried newly it is not working throws an same error !!!

Please find the WF here “Excel Application Scope” Alone : ExcelApplicationScope.xaml (6.2 KB)

Hi @polygon

Can you give an update regarding this issues

Hi @RaviDevaraj if you are still receiving an error I recommend emailing Uipath.


:confused: "No use from that’
why because already i communicate with mail at the time itself they mention you are using community edition so you need to ask help from only in https://forum.uipath.com alone like that they mention


But any have thanks for your valuable response @polygon .