URGENT: Web Data Entry: Excel : (Cannot find UI Element)

Hello All,

I am trying to automate Web data entry upon reading from excel. I have created the flow and it works as expected only for Row 1 in the excel and then errors saying: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector. I have a presentation on Monday and this simple for each row loop is not working. Can you guys please help?

Here is the error message and my sequence diagram-

JC.xaml (28.0 KB)

Appreciate all the help.

try to check if you’re working with a dynamic selector. after you get this error, use uiexplorer to check the respective selector and compare with the one that is inside your workflow.

@ssingh361 Your selector contains id and tablecolumn which keeps on changing for every iteration which is the reason for your error.Just replace the dynamic content with ’ * ’ so that you will not get this error after one iteration.