Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: 2 column Excel Sheet

Hi there,

I have an Excel File with 2 columns: Promotion Number & Percentage Discount
I want to read each line and populate promotion number in a field on the first page and discount in a field on a second page fields on a website.
Example of Data:
687005 | 20
687006 | 10
687007 | 20

I’ve created the following workflow:

  1. Open Webpage & Log in
    2.1. Read Excel Data
    2.1.1.Excel Application Scope: Open FIle DO:
    Read Range “Sheet1” “” - Output DataTable: WRewards_Promo
    For Each Row in WRewards_Promo
    Get Row Item: row - ColumnName: “PROMOTION” - Output Value: Prom_number
    Get Row Item: row - ColumnName: “WREWARDS” - Output Value: WRewards_Percentage

2.2. Attach Browder (that is now open)
Type in Promotion Number: (variable used Prom_Number)
Click Search
Select promotion
Click Update Discount
Select (from drop down) Percentage off
Type in WRewards Percentage (for this specific promotion): (variable used WRewards_Percentage)
Select tickbox “remove diff rewards”
Select Update

Then I want to start with the following row.

I’m having no validation errors when I click “Validate”.
When excecuting I get error:
Source: Select Promotion
Message: Cannot Find the UI Element corresponding to this selector:
RemoteException wrapping UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: —> RemoteException wrapping System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
at UiPath.UiNodeClass.FindFirst(UiFindScope scope, String nodeID)
at UiPath.Core.UiElement.FindFirst(FindScope scope, Selector selector, IVariableResolver resolver)

Exception Type: UIPath.Core.SelectornotFoundException.

Please help where I am going wrong?

Thank you!

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hello @memrevh

can you check the selectors ,valid or not?

this issue is because of the selector

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Hi @Ajju, I’m very new to this. SO I have no idea how to check it.

Is there a way I can share my Robot with you to check or show me where to look?

Thank you!

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can you share a screenshot of the selector or link to website or some information about the application

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Please share the screenshot of the selector.

Are you trying to retrieve each value from column “PROMOTION” and “WREWARDS”??

Please explain the scenario in short what u want to do??


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I am able to red my Excel data BUT:
When completing the fields on the webpage, it only reads the last line of my Excel data.
I need to read all data on the spreadsheet by entering the promotion number and then the % discount for that promotion number.

Please advise how to fix?

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so u want to use every value in these columns seperately in the browser?


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[quote=“memrevh, post:1, topic:144403”]

My data looks like this:
687005 | 20
687006 | 10
687007 | 20

I want to loop through all the Excel data to input on my webpage:

  1. Enter the promotion number, say 687005 (from spreadsheet, row 1)
  2. Search for this promotion
  3. Select this promotion
  4. Click Add Percentage
  5. Enter the percentage 20 (from spreadsheet, related to promotion 687005)
  6. Click Submit
    Now I want to start again:
  7. Enter the promotion number, say 687006 (from spreadsheet, row 2)
  8. Search for this promotion
  9. Select this promotion
  10. Click Add Percentage
  11. Enter the percentage 10 (from spreadsheet, related to promotion 687006)
  12. Click Submit

Does it make send?

Thank you,

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If you want to use the each and every value seperately.

reading the datatable>> use for each row to iterate through each row>>retrieve the values required>>then create the workflow to open the browser then webpage workflow within the foreach actvity after the values retrieval>>close the browser.

To retrieve the values

For each row

row in DataTable

can use command in assign::(Use the in the
promoVal = row.Item(“PROMOTION”).ToString
rewPercentage = row.Item(“WREWARDS PERCENTAGE”).ToString

Hope it works


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Hi @AryanSingh,

thank you so much. I’m very new to this so I am still learning!

  1. I read my Excel data into DataTable WRewards_Promo - working as I checked with message box
  2. I log in to my webpage
  3. Now I want to enter each promo and associated % here:
    I have set the following:
    For Each Row in WRewards_Promo
    Enter Promo Details
    Attach webpage
    Type in Promo Number

It still only takes the last value in the datatable.

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  1. For each row.
  2. You need to retrieve the value for both the columns in variables
  3. use open browser activity and then navigate to the page where u want to enter the details then use type into activities for both the text box.

Wait. i will provide an example workflow in sometime.



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How do I download my robot so I can link it here for you to check?


you mean the .xaml file of the workflow.

Correct. I don’t know how to create it.


You might find the then “documents\uipath\filename” which you want!


Main.xaml (23.3 KB)

This is it. Thank you for your help!

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@AryanSingh Are you able to see it to see where my mistake is?

Yes changing the workflow. will upload it.

After submitting the values does it again refresh for submitting the new values or u need to go on the page manually??

It automatically goes back to the screen where you enter the promotion number again


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