Attach Browser 'UsersResu Page' : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Hi ,

I’m exporting few data s from web application into excel sheet,i ll keep the browser opened .
Then reading the excel sheet one by one coming back to browser performing action .

i’m getting exception[Attach Browser ‘UsersResu Page’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector].
In the for each loop first time its reading row from excel performing my action in the web application.
After reading second row from excel ,now it throws exception in the browser

Hey @vikumars This seems to be an issue with the selector. Did you check if your selectors are same before each iteration? Make sure your selectors are dynamic to identify the elements everytime.

Rammohan B.

Thanks a lot for your reply .

Could you please provide me a sample sequence ,so that it could be easy to understand, am still stuck with this

Hello @vikumars
So what can i understand is you are successfully able to execute for first set of data? So it may be selector are good.

Can you share the functionality like how you are using the excel data? is it you are performing same activity on browser with excel rows? You are again opening browsers? If possible share .xaml.

Hi @tovaibhav1

i’m in a position with not to share .xaml,it will comes under policy violation .
But i can share screenshots for some functionality??
It would be enough for you to help on this??

Yes, Can you describe actions you are performing with excel row on browser, use case.

Hi @tovaibhav1

Following steps i have followed for performing my action
1)Initially i had used web recording for giving URL,user_name,password to login into application and navigate to few menus inside application(shown in image1)1 .
2)Then am exporting into excel application


3)then am using excel application scope to read the excel and choosing particular column values to iterate through one by one(ref image 2) .

4)The values in the excel sheet column is used to change password in the web application

5)Then again i use web recording to traverse through sub menus inside web application(ref image 3)

4)Now for the first iteration it is changing password successfully.
For the second time it throws exception while synchronizing with browser

looping inside(write line activity)
P0CT/V001(value from excel)
password changed(write line activity)
looping inside(write line activity)
P155(value from excel)
Attach Browser ‘UsersResu Page’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
26mar18 execution ended in: 00:02:04

@vikumars,selector Try to change password manually for 2rows And check the selector is same for both rows or not.If it’s different Replace the changing content with ’ * ’ so that it works as a dynamic selector

@vikumars As discussed over the message, the item you are clicking after entering the data has dynamic property, you need to use correct attributes or wildcards for selecting this element.

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Thank you soo much