Issues with locating UI Elements on an excel file in a workflow

Hello Team,

Kindly advise.

Am downloading an excel file store it in a variable called downloadedExcelFile then I invoke a workflow that does some manipulations on the excel file.

But when I invoke the workflow it opens the file and displays errors of not finding UI Elements.
Yet when I open the file manually without using variables it works fine.

Those are my arguments/variables in the watch panel of the downloaded excel file.

And I pass it to the Use App selector as a variable called excelFileName.

Tried to debug but I have failed to see the issue.

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Kakooza Allan Klaus

Edit the selector update the tittle selector with below selector.


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Open the downloaded excel file manually and then use Attach Window and indicate that excel file and share us screenshot of the selector.

Hi @ghazanfar

It has failed to work

Some more light on this


Use Attach Window activity and open the downloaded excel and indicate it. And then share me screenshot of Attach Window selector. I want to see how the selector looks like here.

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