URGENT: INvalid UiNode

Hi !
I use always this selector to type into UserName , it s used to run well butjust today I keep receiving This error message

how to solve it ?

@Wafa_KACEM please use UiExplorer to get proper selector for user name field. selectors might have changed due to website updates.Make sure you validate the selector and check that it is highlighting the correct field.


May be selector got changed, You can re scrape the element and try to test with multiple times

Hope this helps


Ok , I have this window in Excel and I want to click on “Continuer” Button

but the usual Click activity it s not functional
What to do ?


Are you able to scrap atleast with click activity?

Try click activity with different properties like Send Windows message

Hope this may helps


Using the send message property , I have the same problem.It s not functional