Click from Variable Selector = UiElement is no longer valid exception

I am attempting to retrieve data from a vendor’s website, and as part of the process I need to click through to a page from a link loaded in a table based on search parameters. Using UiExplorer, I that this produces a valid selector:

<html title='Welcome to' />
<webctrl aaname='Column Name' parentid='report' tag='A' />
<nav up='4' />
<webctrl aaname='Varies' parentid='report' tag='A' />

In order to account for the varying aaname in the last webctrl, I copied the selector into an assign activity to structure it as so:

"<html title='Welcome to' /><webctrl aaname='Column Name' parentid='report' tag='A' /><nav up='4' /><webctrl aaname='"+VARIABLE.ToString+"' parentid='report' tag='A' />"

When I run the process, this successfully clicks the link after the first variable-based search. However, after inputting the variable for the second search and attempting to click, the process throws an exception “UiElement is no longer valid.” Since the page is still open, I use UiExplorer on the new link and it shows that the selector should be exactly the same as what I set with the assign activity, so I have no idea why I keep getting the error.

Does anyone have experience with something similar that could assist?

That’s quite unusual :thinking:
How about tweak some setting in IE.
Try this not sure it will work :neutral_face:

That did it! Thanks! This definitely needs to be documented somewhere.

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