URGENT - How to click on particular text based on certain keyword in the sentence

Hi, I am looking for a solution in regards to a selector problem. I am building a bot that opens a web page and on the left pane there are different tasks listed as sentences, I need the bot to click the sentences starting with the word “Onboarding” (basically info about new employees). I used the click activity for this purpose, but cant figure out how to get the bot to click on a header starting with the word onboarding on the left of the screen. I did modeify my selector into a dynamic one by adding the aaname as"Onboarding*", but this doesn’t seem to be working. I spent a day with no solution, would really appreciate if someone helped me in this matter. I have also used click text but it does not work.

Hi @Ashish_Mehra

Can you post a screenshot of the selector you’re using and the web page?

Thanks for the swift reply following is the selector text

Could you also post a link to the website? Or a screenshot if its an internal site?

Hi @Ashish_Mehra
–use a find text position Activity and pass the input string as “Onboarding” and get the output as a variable of type Uielement named out_element.
–then use a click Activity and pass the above variable as input to the Element property and dont make any selection of element with selector Editor as we have passed the element variable as input…
Make sure that these two Activities are inside the attach window Activity or a attach browser Activity (if its a browser) and if the text with Onboarding is not accessible as element and is like an image…then use Find image instead of Find text position Activity

Hope this would help you buddy
Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not
Cheers @Ashish_Mehra


Thanks for the screenshots, based off of those please try the steps that @Palaniyappan presented.

Thanks a lot, I am executing the same, can you clarify one more thing, I have used the open browser activity , do I still need the attach browser activity or it can be executed within the open browser activity

If you are in the “Do” part of the ‘Open Browser’ activity, then you wouldn’t need an attach window so long as it is still the main window.

It is showing me the following error with the element

Can you expand your ‘arguments’ tab?


It is showing the following error

I used the above method open browser > Maximize > Find text onboarding > output element > click text > element property as output element, so I received the above error

Also currently my arguments tab is blank, there isnt any argument in it

The compiler error was due to you not having the argument declared. To fix, with the output field selected hit keys ‘Ctrl+Shift+M’ then assign a name. This creates an OUT argument.

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