Having issues with Click activity

Hi, so I am developing a clicker bot, and I am having issues with the selectors. Here is a first screenshot of what I am trying to click :

As you can see, when I click on the Read and Like count underneath the first article it is able to detect the ui element and detect the text inside.
I want to change the “Text is” selector to a variable.
However as soon as I change the text to a variable, or a specific text for that matter, it no longer detects any corresponding ui element:

I’m using Get OCR text activity to extract the Read and Like counts and input into Click activity.
Here is another screenshot of the whole workflow:

Here the get OCR Text succefully recognises the element I want to click (see console write line), but when I input the same element into the selector it no longer works.


  1. Variables are supported only during runtime…you would see that error generally when you use variable in selector and try to validate
  2. Did you try indicating it using for each ui element? That should be working I believe…try to indicate in for each ui element and inside that use click or get text using currentElement


Hi @Test11

Please check the below thread:


Hi Anil, thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.

  1. In my post I included a screenshot of the console output after runtime and although the text I am trying to pass as my variable in the selector is successfully detected and extracted (check output : xxx read(s) yyy like(s)), when I input it as my variable it isn’t able to detect it (error message in console).

  2. The “For each UI element” activity is restricted solely to web applications, or at least that’s the error message that pops up when I try to use it. So since I am using a desktop app here, I am not able to use it.

Anyways thanks again for your time aand if you have any more suggestions I would gladly hear them!


Got you…yes its available only for web

Also try using strict selector instead of cv …is selectors not working without cv?


Hi, thanks for your answer.

I tried following the steps here but I get the same output as the third screenshot in my post.

Don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any more ideas or solutions!

Hey Anil,

Yeah I’ve tried using strict selectors, fuzzy selectors. Still not working.

Another method I’ve tried is I’ve used “Get Text” activity and it worked perfectly. However, the problem with that is that when you scroll too far down it’s not able to recognise any more text, so it’s not applicable in my case since I want a clicker scroller bot that’s able to go on indefinitely, or until you hit the end. You can go check my other post for more context on this method if you like. It might be more confusing that constructive though.

So I’m not sure why variable passing from “Get Text” to “Click” works but not from “Get OCR Text” and “Click”. Also (maybe) worth noting that I used Tesseract for Get text and im using Google Vision for Get OCR Text.


Can you indicate element in ui explorer and show the strict selector…what issue did you face there?


Thanks for you ongoing support Anil.

Here’s what you asked for. I’ve circled in red the output of the workflow for MySelector, meaning that it IS able to detect the text at first.

After the “search failed at selcetor tag” in brown messages in console, the same red error messages appear.

The workflow activities are the same as for my third screenshot in the OP.

Here’s another screenshot of the UI Explorer for another Read and Like count I’m trying to click on.
Just to mention the “Get OCR Text” successfully recognises all these elements. Just not able to click on them which is frustrating.


In the variable what are you passing?

You know the exact like and counts you would get?

Instead of variable…best would be use star(*) in plce of numbers and then use an idx and increment it…that way it would detect each likes I believe


If your selector works with a static text, but not with a variable containing that exact text during dev but you do want to validate it you can:
→ put your variable value as a default value in the variable block. This way the selector validators will use that value during non-runtime validations.
→ be sure to put the variable name between double accolades if you edit the selector manually: text=“{{var_name}}”

I am recognising text using Get OCR Text activity. Then I store the recognised text in a variable, then I pass that variable into my selector. Check this screenshot :

You can see I also use wildcard asterisks so that If the case doesn’t match exactly it should still detect.

Thanks, I’ve put the variable between double accolades and even added wildcard asterisk so that in case the case doesn’t match exactly it should still detect and click on text that has the same “form”. Still no luck.


If you put * it will work as wild card but not case insensitive…

Add the belwo phrase to make it case insensitive

<ctrl …… casesensitive:text='false'/>

Also what I was saying is to use liek below

<ctrl role='grouping' text='\d+k? read\(s\) *\d+like\(s\) * matching:text='regex' idx='{{variable}}/>

Here if you put 1 in variable it highlights first…if you put 2 it highlights second and so on…try this



Please check this