Need help in navigating to specific url from list of html containing anchor links


Can someone please suggest, I have created a bot which log - In to an application and searches for specific text need help in selecting the specific one in may case say “purchase invoice”. Please find the attachment. Please suggest a solution.


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Use Click Text activity and pass that search text into it and make selector reliable to identify that search word.

1- Create a click activity
2- generate a dynamic selector (based on the search keyword) similar to below

> "<html app='chrome.exe' /> <webctrl aaname='"+searchKeyText+"' tag='DIV' />"

3- assign the dynamic selector variable to click activity

@lakshman @GBK
I am getting below error while using click activity based on search text

Please help


Could you please show me screenshot of your Click Text activity Selector. So that we can check and help you.

@lakshman Please find the screenshots