Uploading to sharepoint- how to edit document library columns

I have build an automation to upload files to sharepoint, however, I can figure out how to edit the custom column in the library, as the sharepoint activities do not have any option for that

Is there a way to do this via rest api?, I would leverage power automate but I need content that the robot is housing to go in the carrier column.

Hi @Nathan_Betters1

You can try to add Metadata when you are uploading the file.
Otherwise, you can update the data using Update List Item activity.


Update list does not work because it is a document library not a list. I already tried that, not sure how I would add meta data? Or what structure it would have to be in for sharepoint to accept it?

The document libraries also appear as lists when you search for it.

Regarding the metadata, you can explore the files metadata using the Graph API explorer.

Graph Explorer | Try Microsoft Graph APIs - Microsoft Graph

You can also give a try to provide the Carrier value building a datatable and pass it as metadata.

If you don’t know the exact field name, please refer to the Graph API explorer, it will help you to find it.

Where do I put meta data? I can get the exact column name from the SharePoint url easy, but I’m not sure of this explorer you reference?

This kind of worked, it threw an error that the meta data table could only be two columns, so how would I update more than one filed?. So how would I update the other metadata?

The metadata are placed in each row of the two columns table. Remember the datatable must have the column1 type = string and column2 type = object.

Then add all the properties you want to set will be rows, where the first column contains the property name and the second column the value.

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