Hi All,

Please help me.
I am using Uipath official Microsoft office 365 activity in uploading the files to the SharePoint Document library and it works like a charm.

Now I wanted to add metadata to those files I am uploading, as per the Uipath documentation it says I need to add a data table as an input, and the data table should contain 2 columns, 1st one is a string that should contain the name of the "column on the SharePoint to be modified and 2nd column in the data table should be an object type containing the value. please correct me if I am wrong.

when the flow starts to run I getting an error.

please provide me an example of how the data table should be created.

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Does this column you are modifying have an internal name ? If yes maybe you have to use that name.

hi Andy

pleas find the screenshot for my SharePoint library and i use the same name.