Sharepoint upload file issue

I am using the Upload File activity (UipathTeam.sharepoint.activities) and the file is being uploaded ok, however I need to populate the metadata values for the uploaded files (of which there are several). I am using the ‘PropertiesToAdd’ property of the upload file activity, however I can’t seem to update all the metadata fields, when I make reference to most of them a ‘column does not exist’ error is returned. The only field I can set is named ‘Title’ all the other columns are multi-part names e.g ‘content type’ and ‘account year’, etc.

You should be aware that you need to call them by the internal-name and not the column name.
You can use CAML query to find the internal names easily

Many Thanks for the reply, is that a CAML query via a Uipath activity?, can you supply an example please.

Hi Gid,

I have only tried the Sharepoint activity pack from Radu at uipath go!, but I see now that UI has made an official sharepoint pack.

I downloaded the free U2U CAML query program, to find the internal column names, but you can also find it from the website, but it is bit tiresome that way.

Below is a cap from U2U, a column like InvoiceDate would be like Invoice Date on the website for easy reading, but the internal name is InvoiceDate, so that is what you need to reference in the dictionary to update the values,

I hope this helps,

Hey @Gid and for anyone else with this issue. A very easy way of determining the internal name for a particular SharePoint column is to navigate into the library/list settings, click the column in question, and review the end of the URL. See the screenshot below which shows that the “Tax Year” column’s internal name is Tax_x0020_Year.

Example SharePoint Internal Name

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