Sharepoint Upload file along with update Sharepoint Column data

So I been using Microsoft 365 SharePoint activities to upload files successfully , My new requirement is to fill certain created fields like “Patient Name” as you can see on the image while uploading a document, its a single line field we created manually using the “Add Column” . By looking at the “Upload activity” I see the “Metadata” Property as a good candidate to maybe achieve this, is my assumption correct ?


Metadata field takes data table, so I created a data table and put display name of the file and then “Patient Name” thinking it would magically fill the field but its not.

I am getting the error

Upload File - Upload given file: Field value ‘139135109-Medical Record Request Notification-02-28-2022’ can’t be found or is not writeable.

I was in the right track by using MetaData, had wrong Datatype when building Datatable . Should use Name and Value Column and value column is object , Column names will be placed on “Name”
Thanks to Uipath Team for Helping me. @uipath

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Hi @Jay_Chacko i’m looking at something similar, but more so rather than setting the ‘column data’, i want to read a ‘column data’ in a SharePoint Document Library to perform certain validation.

Have you come across a way to do this?
I tried to check the DriveItem attributes from Get File/Folder activity but can’t find much there

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