How To Use O365 Upload File Activities Metadata Field To Update Column Information?

How to use the O365 Upload File Activity to update custom SharePoint column data for the file when uploading?

Issue Description: How to Build the Datatable That Will be Used in the Metadata Property ?

Note: The metadata property for the Upload File Activity is available starting in MicrosoftOffice365Activities version 1.9.0 and later

  • Before using the O365 Upload File Activity, build a data table for the metadata
    • Column 1 should be named Name (of String type).
    • Column 2 should be named Value ( of Object type).

  • Each row in the data table will represent a custom column that needs to be updated
    • The first column in each row will be the name of the custom column that needs to be updated when using the Upload File Activity.
    • The second column will be the value that will be set for the file in the custom column.


In the example below, there are two custom columns, Employee Name and Company. The metadata data table will update both of these columns when the file is uploaded.

See the Result below.

For reference, see the UiPath Official documentation for using the Upload File Activity and how to use the metadata property of the activity.

Note: Uploading a DriveItem to a SharePoint Document Library for the metadata property to work.