Uploading the Package to the Orchestrator failed listing "An error has occurred"

How to resolve the error "An error has occurred" obtained while Uploading the package to the Orchestrator?

Approach #1:
Make sure that the AppPoolIdentity user has enough permissions in the NuGet package folder to read/write. NuGet package path can be found in the web.config file. Try giving full control access to everyone in this folder.

Approach #2:
Make sure that there is disk space available in the Orchestrator server.
If it is in low in memory than clean it up its disk and restart the server once and see if it helps.

Approach #3:
Try publishing the package from studio to Orchestrator and check.
Make sure the project which is being published doesn’t have any “Autosaved” / Test files, or unnecessary files.
If yes, please close the UiPath studio, Navigate to the location of the project , delete the below and then try to publish again

  • Delete all Autosaved xaml file
  • Delete all test file.
  • Delete all temp file (if found any)

Approach #4:
Create a small workflow with simple activities Writeline, log message activities.
Publish the project .

Approach #5:
If approach #4 works, then the issue might be with the uploading of a specific package if the size of upload package >30 MB (In case size is less than 30 MB skip this step )
Kindly implement the suggested solution in the this link