Issue with Packages in Orchestrator



Hi Guys,

we’ve some Issues to integrate a published package into the Orchestrator. Orchestrator is installed in a AWS (Amazon) environment.

Studio is also installed on the Amazon machine. When we publish the solution, we get the message:


Project published successfully to
Adress of Amazon Machine

Package Name: TEST1
Package Version: 1.0.6655.14935

But when we go in the orchestrator, and want to include the package, we got the message “An error has occurred”

Where can i get details for the error?

Here is the content for the uipath.settings file:

“NuGetApiKey”: “XXX”,
“NuGetServerUrl”: “https://adress for amazon machine”,
“ActivitiesFeed”: “https://adress for amazon machine/nuget/activities”,
“UiPathServerUrl”: “https://adress for amazon machine”,
“TracingLevel”: “Verbose”,
“LowLevelTracing”: false,
“RobotKey”: “Robot Codec”,
“LoginToConsole”: true,
“ResolutionWidth”: 0,
“ResolutionHeight”: 0,
“ResolutionDepth”: 0,
“ConnectionString”: “”

For comparsion, here the uipath.settings file from the local client:

“NuGetApiKey”: “”,
“NuGetServerUrl”: “%ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages”,
“ActivitiesFeed”: “%LocalAppData%\UiPath\Activities”,
“UiPathServerUrl”: “”,
“TracingLevel”: “Information”,
“LowLevelTracing”: false,
“RobotKey”: “”,
“LoginToConsole”: true,
“ResolutionWidth”: 0,
“ResolutionHeight”: 0,
“ResolutionDepth”: 0,
“ConnectionString”: “”

Any hints for problem solution are welcome.

Thanks for your feedback

kind regards,



Hi Sven,

I’ve experienced similar when publishing to our own on-premise ORCH. It turned out to be an issue in the IIS which was not allowing packets to be uploaded to it greeater than 50K. If your problem is the same you might want to take a look at this thread: (413) Request Entity Too Large.
At the bottom is what helped me. Maybe you can ask your AWS admin to help you with that.

Best greets