Package uploading issue

Hello team,
I was trying to upload my NuGet package in orchestrator (My Workspace → Automation-> My Packages)
It is showing below error.
Kindly assist me with solution.

Hi @aditi.bhatt

Please check on this thread

Hope this helps!!

Check the package size it should not be more than 30mb

Hi @aditi.bhatt

Check the connection between machine and Robot. Try again by recreating
Check The size of the package.

Hi @aditi.bhatt,

Recreate the Nupkg file and try to Upload again.

Use below steps:
->Publish code select custom, Select the folder to save the Nupkg file.
->Goto orchestrator My Workspace → Automation → My Packages → Upload → Select the
Nupkg file where you have saved.

Hope it helps.

Karthik Reddy

I tried this solution; I was facing same issue as earlier.
Using UiPath Community version in local.
UiPath version: 2023:10:2


No issue with the Version of the studio.

Can you try this in Different folder(Other than My workspace).


Hello Team

I checked with other folder there i didnt get any option of “My Package” to upload the nuGet package.


To get My/Folder Packages option, While you creating the New folder You have to select the Second option as “Create a new package feed for this folder”.

Then you will find Folder packages option to upload nuget packages to that particular folder.

Here is the screenshot FYI.

Then you can proceed further.